Ten talks, ten topics

Ten diverse speakers took to the stage. Below are their talks, and what's been captured. 

Marianne Elliott

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Former ActionStation's co-director Marianne imagines life as a 98-year-old, and looks back at the watershed moments of 2018 which made that a turning point for justice and equality. 

Mary Fisher

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Paralympian Mary Fisher talks about the untapped strength of diversity. What might a fully inclusive and accessible society look like?

Kat Lintott & Malcolm Mulholland


Kat Lintott and Malcolm Mulholland bring to a life a future in which Aotearoa has a written constitution, with Te Tiriti o Waitangi as its founding document.

Don Christie


Catalyst's Don Christie extrapolates some current concepts in the realm of open education. 

Sam Lang

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Sam Lang dreams about an ecologically literate society.

Eric Crampton

Eric Crampton.jpg

Eric Crampton, of The NZ Initiative, imagines a New Zealand that shifts its reliance from central to regional government. And even in fifty years, is still the best place to leave. 

Jory Akuhata

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Jory Akuhata questions what conversations efforts we need to start now, so that we can still enjoy the lush green forests fifty years from now. 

Jon Herries & Darian Eckersley

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.18.16 AM.png

Jon Herries and Darian Eckersley, from the Ministry of Health & Australia's Digital Health Agency respectively, imagine a Star Trek-inspired future of health. 

Girol Karacaoglu


Girol Karacaoglu explains an integrated policy framework for intergenerational wellbeing

Kerry Dalton

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Kerry Dalton, of the Citizen's Advice Bureau, imagines a future where everyone can thrive.